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Ever Hear About Chevy’s 1974 “Spirit of America” Special Edition Cars?

Picture this: The year is 1973, Skylab has just been launched into space, Elvis’ “Aloha from Hawaii” is on TV, and “Dark Side of the Moon” is blaring out of […]

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Hero’s Hauler: A Story of Courage, Commitment–and Customization

  Like most United States military service members, Wylie Clough bleeds red, white, and blue. Like most gearheads, he has gasoline in his veins too. And it was that passion for classic Amercian automobiles that […]

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July 4th Gallery of Red, White & Blue!

Happy Fourth of July! Fly your flag, blow off your fireworks, and enjoy this OnAllCylinders tribute to American performance. It features some of our favorite rides we spotted during the […]

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Photo Gallery: Salute to the Red, White & Blue

Sure, hot rodders can be found all across the globe. But hot rodding and car customizing is a quintessential American hobby, so…  …please rise and remove your caps as we honor America […]

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6 Genuine Ways to Put Your Patriotism on Display this July 4th–and Beyond!

Here’s wishing you a Fourth of July full of parades, picnics, car shows, and good old American fun. Here’s also hoping the country’s collective patriotism doesn’t wane when the fireworks are […]

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American Rewind: Which Hot Rod-Related Places Would You Bring Back?

What’s more American than pulling into your favorite drive-in, rolling down the window of your 1957 Chevy, and ordering a greasy burger, fries, and milkshake? Don’t get us wrong, we […]

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Behold, Our Mount Rushmore of Automotive Performance!

As we’d hope you know, Mount Rushmore is one of the most patriotic landmarks in the country. Although our nation was founded, built, and influenced by many great Americans, only […]

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July 4th Gallery of Red, White, & Blue!

Happy Fourth of July! We’re saluting America’s Independence Day and your love for high performance American automobiles with our gallery of red, white, and blue hot rods. We’ve compiled this […]