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Video: Ford 7.3L Godzilla Engine Overview (Part 2) – Camshaft, Valve Train & Oil Pump

Automotive journalist and racer Evan Smith, alongside Brian Wolfe, the former director of Ford Racing, continue their deep dive into Ford’s new 7.3L Godzilla engine which will power the 2020 […]

Ford six-cylinder torque sequence guide
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Infographic: Cylinder Head Torque Sequences for Ford 6 & V6 Engines

We’ve discussed previously what a drag following rules can sometimes be. We don’t always like doing what we’re supposed to. But when it comes to torque sequences and recommended torque […]

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Quick Guide to Cylinder Head Torque Sequences for Ford V8, V10 & V12

When it comes to cylinder head fasteners, it’s crucial that you follow the recommended torque specifications and torque sequences. Torque specs vary depending on the fastener brand, lubricants, and other factors; however, the […]

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Project Strokers Wild (Part 1): Building a 347CID Ford 5.0L

In the great big book of automotive clichés, the phrase, “There’s no replacement for displacement,” can be found at the top of page one. But as much as the phrase […]