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Mailbag: The Difference Between Flat Tappet and Roller Camshafts

Q: What is the difference between a flat tappet and a roller camshaft? … A: Camshafts are classified by the type of lifter they use. The lobes on the cam […]

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Making the Most of Modern Flat Tappet Camshafts and Lifters

Camshafts and lifters are available in two basic formats—roller and flat tappet. And then within those two formats, they can either be of the mechanical (solid), or hydraulic variety. Fair […]

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Video: Evaluating Various Camshaft Styles

Learn about roller and flat-tappet camshafts. Learn about the differences between drag racing and towing applications for choosing the best camshaft for your vehicle. Better understand the duration and lift […]

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Camshafts 101: A Glossary of Camshaft and Valvetrain Terms

If the rotating assembly is the heart and soul of your engine, then the camshaft is the brain. The camshaft controls the movement of the entire valvetrain, telling the valves […]