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Mailbag: What is a Battery BCI Number?

A battery BCI number indicates the physical size dimensions of the battery rather than its Amp Hours (AH) rating. The BCI group numbers are used to categorize automotive batteries by […]

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3 Ways to Bring a Deeply Discharged OPTIMA Battery Back from the Dead

OPTIMA Batteries are among the most-trusted and popular automotive batteries on the market. One of the great things about OPTIMA’s AGM-style batteries is their extremely¬†low internal resistance. This allows very […]

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Battery 411: Everything You Need to Know About High Performance Batteries

Forget gasoline or ethanol. Your car doesn’t run on petrochemicals; it runs on electricity. And for the most part, the power source in that car is a battery (or two). […]

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Battery Life: Choosing the Right Automotive Battery for 4x4s

Off-road vehicles have unique charging requirements. While a hot rod or muscle car may have a high compression engine that requires a lot of cranking amps to fire, once the […]