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How Do I Identify My Transmission? Your Top Tech Questions Answered!

We recently reached out to the guys in Summit Racing’s renowned tech department—the largest full-time staff in the industry—to identify and answer five common tech questions they hear on a […]

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Video: How to Choose a Camshaft for Ford 5.0L

In this 15-minute Quick Flicks video, the gang at Summit Racing takes the guesswork out of choosing a camshaft for your Ford 5.0L, providing some general guidelines for choosing a cam […]

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How to Choose an Alternator

Good thing: Kickin’ audio system with megawatt amps, big subs, zillions of speakers, crossovers, and enough wire to hook up your average city. Bad thing: Melted, smoking, fried vehicle electrical […]

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Rubber Match: 5 Basic Steps for Choosing the Right Street Tires

You’ve spent untold amounts of time and money on your ride. You’ve squeezed every last horsepower from your engine, beefed up the gearing and suspension—even sprung for that custom paint […]

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Mazda Miata MX-5 GT Concept to Debut: Like It or Dislike It?

Has Mazda done enough to convince you? We know for some, the name Miata is synonymous with phrases like midlife crisis or—gasp, “chick car.” Their words, not ours. Truth is Mazda […]

MagnaFlow exhaust on 2011 Camaro
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Exhaustive Research: How To Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System

A while back, we conducted a course in Exhaust Anatomy 101 to provide a beginner’s look at aftermarket exhaust systems. Now that you’ve brushed up on the basics, we’ll show you what makes […]

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How To Choose Disc Brake Pads

For all that we ask them to do, disc brake pads don’t get a whole lot of respect. As long as they fit in the caliper and do a reasonable […]

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Step-by-Step: Testing Out Trick Flow Super 23 Heads on a Chevy 388

Allow us to make a big giant generalization: building a dedicated drag race engine is pretty cut and dry. Since the aim is to cover a quarter-mile of straight asphalt […]