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While they’re usually pretty reliable, troubleshooting a failed relay can be a frustrating endeavor. More importantly, if you’re trying to service a component that relies on a relay for power, it can be a hassle to ensure the relay stays energized while you’re performing diagnostics.

Innovative Products of America (IPA Tools) makes Relay Bypass Switches that allow you to temporarily replace a relay with a simple manual switch.

Relays are essentially remote-controlled switches, actuated by an electromagnet. You can learn how they work in this Jeff Smith Ask Away! article and read where to use them here.

IPA Tools’ relay bypass switches allow you to easily diagnose whether your relay has failed, or if there’s an electrical problem elsewhere in the circuit.

Since they’re manual switches, you can also use them to service other components that rely on an electrical circuit regulated by an upstream relay—giving you an uninterrupted electrical signal/power to perform proper testing.

They’re particularly handy at troubleshooting fuel pumps because they’ll let you power the pump without the engine running, but you can use these bypass switches in other applications as well.

You can get a set of three (p/n 9036) to cover popular import vehicle makes, or a set of three (9037) tailored to domestic automobiles.

The Relay Bypass Switch Master Kit (9038) includes all six different bypass switch types mentioned above.

Check out the diagram below for a better explanation of what vehicle applications each relay fits.


Here’s a diagram of the six relay bypass types you’ll get in the six-piece master kit. (Image/IPA Tools)

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