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Happy 48th Birthday, Ford Mustang!

OK, somaybe we really are car degenerates here at OnAllCylinders. We forget wedding anniversaries, neglect to send out cards for family birthdays--we can't even remember to put the garbage out for trash day!

Yet somehow we know it's the Ford Mustang's 48th birthday.

It doesn't make us bad people. After all, the Ford Mustang isn't just any car. It's the original pony car...a car that inspired a whole new breed of vehicle...a car that helped make high performance attainable for younger generations.   

In short, the Ford Mustang is the quintessential American performance vehicle, and it made its debut at the World's Fair in New York on this date in 1964. According to Ford, the Mustang was an immediate success, garnering 22,000 orders on the day of its debut.

Now, 48 years later, the Ford Mustang is still running strong. We salute its 48th birthday with a gallery of 48 Mustangs of all different generations. What's your favorite year or generation of Mustang?

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