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Video: Sneak Preview of Denny Terzich’s 1,500-Horse ’55 Chevy


The goal is simple: Create a modern version of a 1955 Chevrolet.

The road to achieving that goal? Well, that’s been anything but simple. In fact, car builder and ProRides owner Denny Terzich says his team has done well over 100 modifications (and counting) to this radical ’55 Chevy, which he’s nicknamed Project X-BOX.

But Terzich wouldn’t have it any other way.

DSC04226Celebrating two decades of custom car building, Terzich and his ProRides team are known for their one-off custom hot rods, and Project X-BOX promises to set the ProRides standard even higher. Although ProRides has achieved national notoriety, Terzich wanted to make X-BOX a local project to showcase some of the great hot rodders and fabricators in the Pittsburgh area. After building two Hot Rod Drag Week cars, the team has gone back to the Pro Touring route with this latest project, and the custom mods continue to pile up.

Although he doesn’t expect to unveil the completed Project X-BOX until mid- or late-summer, Terzich was more than happy to provide an exclusive sneak peek at the custom, soon-to-be 1,500-horsepower 1955 Chevrolet. In the video above, he gives us a tour of the in-progress Chevy, shares his ultimate vision for the vehicle, talks about the Summit Racing-supplied powerplant, and introduces you to his talented team of rodders.

Once you watch the video, be sure to check out the ProRides Facebook page for additional updates as Project X-BOX motors toward completion.

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  2. te poutu taute says:

    where can we see the finish car?

  3. te poutu taute says:

    Hello car enthusiast here. Where can we see the finish car – 55 chevy project X. Thank you.

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      This will be revealed just ahead of next month’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. We’ll have photos and information here. Thanks for reading!

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