Game structure and gameplay

King of Cards brings a delightful simplicity to the world of 5-reel video slots that perhaps some players have long dreamed of. The King of Cards game, as the name implies, is about the world of cards and card games. It is also particularly about how to become the king of cards in this game.

The King Games Free

If you as a player would like to try to take the position of the king of cards, you can get directly acquainted with this slot machine online. You can use the King games for free in demo mode, as well as start playing online for real money.King of Cards comes from a line of games Greentube from game developers Novoline. They belong to the company Novomatic, now the world-famous gaming giant, which is widely known not only in the virtual gaming world, but especially in land-based gambling establishments.Experienced players already know the Novoline quality, which can also be found in this game.

5 reels and 9 paylines form the basic structure of the game

Designs and the game as a whole are simple (almost too simple, as one or two critics of the game note).The graphics look two-dimensional and crude. Here you will notice that this game dates back to 2012.The gameplay is very simple, so the game is suitable for beginners as well.Only a few features interrupt the normal spinning process of the game.The sound provides a typical casino sound.The odds of winning are in the medium range.Simple, average, understandable. These are the attributes found in the description of these King's games. For many regular casino goers, a few uncomplicated spins on a slot machine like this is just what you need to tap into the full relaxing potential of the online casino world. How exactly this works on the King of Cards slot machine from Novoline and what you should look out for in the game, we're about to tell you in our King of Cards test report.Casino Kings in Slot FormatWhile playing cards usually only appear in the table games area of classic casinos, with this video slot you can also experience the pleasure of card games in the slot machines area.King of Cards brings the theme of good old card games into the world of video slots and, with its simplicity, ensures that really every casino visitor can get.

Game structure and gameplay

If you take a look at the slot machine, you'll come across the video slot structure that is often so typical of Novoline:

  • 5 reels.
  • 3 rows of symbols.
  • 9 or 10 paylines (depending on the version of the game).

Control buttons under the reels

Currently, there are two different versions of the King of Cards slot. The original version with nine paylines and the newer version with ten paylines. Here and below we will look at the nine paylines version of the game. However, apart from the number of paylines, any information about this type of game can also be carried over to the ten line version.When you want to start the game, you do so as in all regular slot machines by setting the bets:

  • The number of paylines can be chosen by the player. It is not fixed.
  • Similarly, the bet per line can be decided by the player.
  • The total bet, which is displayed directly below the reels, is calculated from these two components.
  • Depending on the casino you decide, you can enter the game with just a few cents or with one euro.

In many places, the maximum bet is an impressive 900 per spin—perfect for all high rollers in the online gambling world.After setting the number of lines and bet size, pressing the spin button starts the spinning of the reels. If you want to run several rounds in a row, you can use the autoplay option.

Symbols and winning combinations

After the reels stop, you'll find yourself on the playing field with the hope of making a profit. But how exactly can you win in this game? It's pretty simple.

By playing combinations of symbols that are suitable for triggering a win:

  • Winning combinations are formed when at least two or three of the same symbols are side by side.
  • The winning line, on which the combination of symbols is located, must be activated.
  • The win is always calculated from the reel.