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Video: Hoonigan Team Highlights Evolution of ‘Scumbug’ VW Beetle Ahead of Baja

If you’re an OnAllCylinders frequenter, you probably know we’re shameless fans of the Hoonigan team. Please bear with us while we fawn over these rascals some more. Last month, we […]

Hoonigan Baja Bug
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Video: Intro to the Hoonigan ‘Scumbug’ 1973 Volkswagen Beetle Baja Bug

Our partners at Summit Racing—it should go without saying—are our favorite (only?) choice for auto parts. And the crew at Hoonigan? They’re the coolest guys in motorsports and automotive shenanigans. […]

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Beetle-Mania: We Mark the 11th Anniversary of the Last Classic Beetle by Sharing this Ultra-Cool ’70 Bug

On this day 11 years ago, the last of the classic Volkswagen Beetles rolled off the assembly line in Puebla, Mexico. The car had been banned from sale in the […]

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Grad Projects: A Dad’s Secret Mission to Honor his Daughters’ High School Graduations

Following high school graduation, most kids walk away with a diploma and the keys to their future. In the Brautigam family, the graduates get a diploma and the keys to a custom […]

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Winter Games (Event #5) Figure Skating — Most Unique Vehicle Design

Figure skating. Pretty popular Olympic event among the hot rod and muscle car crowds. Second only to ice dancing, we hear. In addition to the pure adrenaline rush we all […]