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Clash of the Turbo Titans: Summit vs. eBay Turbos

Turbos rule. If you’re a turbo guy (or gal), there has never been a better time to be an enthusiast. Just look around, turbos are everywhere and on everything. Not […]

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Video: 5 Key Upgrades for Turbocharging a Street Car

In this episode of Precision Turbo Talks, Tristan Kimpel of Precision Turbo & Engine discusses the key automotive systems and components people should upgrade when adding a turbocharger to their […]

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Turbo Install: We Add 200+ HP to a 5th-Gen. Camaro SS with a Turbonetics Turbo

The 5th Gen Camaro SS (2010-2015 model years) left the factory loaded with power—425 ponies for a manual trans car or 400 in a 6L80E equipped 5th Gen. But even […]

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Quick Tech: Wastegates vs. Blow-Off Valves…What’s the Difference?

Turbocharging continues to gain popularity. But there are still a few areas of a typical turbocharger setup that remain fuzzy to turbo newbies. One of the most common misunderstandings involves the basic […]

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Turbos 101: Examining the Fundamentals of Turbocharging

In the United States, OEMs are turning to turbocharging as a method to downsize engine displacement and increase fuel economy. At the other end of the spectrum, those in charge […]

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Turbo Talk: Basic Guide to Choosing a Turbo for Your Diesel

Every light duty modern diesel for the past two-plus decades has been forced induction, but there’s only so much your stock turbo can do. If you want more horsepower than the stock […]

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How it Works: Blow-Off Valves

The guys over a Power AutoMedia have launched a new site dedicated strictly to diesels and diesel owners. The site, named Diesel Army, includes tech, diesel features, diesel-related news, and […]