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Oldsmobile F85 Race Car
How Tos

Race Consumables: A Checklist of Fluids for You Next Trip to the Race Track

Presuming you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy excruciating muscle cramps, you probably make a point to hydrate before going on a long run, a bike ride, or engaging […]

Porsche Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission Fluid 101: Which ATF is Right for Your Vehicle?

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a completely different beast than engine oil or manual transmission gear oil because it does way more than lubricate. (Want to read about gear oil? […]

Q&A / Tech

Mailbag: Eliminating Hot Transmission Fluid Venting at High Temps

Q: I have a Turbo 400 transmission with a 4,000-rpm stall converter and a transmission cooler. My trouble starts when the transmission temperature gets to about 210˚ F—the transmission starts […]