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Parts Bin: AutoMeter Battery Extenders, Jumpstart Packs & Tire Pressure Gauges

Nowadays, it seems like our garages are crammed with daily drivers, project cars, riding mowers, and maybe even a motorcycle or ATV. So if you’re in charge of your own […]

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Pro Tips for Setting Tire Pressure and Adjusting to Changing Track Temperatures

There are many questions related to adjusting tire pressure on a drag car, and it seems everyone has a different opinion. The reality is, every car will require a slightly […]


Race-Day Tuning is Often the Difference Between Winning and Losing

NORWALK, OH – We can’t control the weather. Just ask every bride, golfer or outdoor event planner, ever. In most life situations, temperature and precipitation are the only weather-related things […]

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A Quick Guide to Diagnosing 10 Common Steering Issues

Sloppy steering giving you fits? Before you curse your steering system, you need to pinpoint the actual cause of problem. Poor steering may actually be the result of suspension system issues, […]

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Quick Tips for Checking Tire Pressure (Like, the Proper Way)

Whether you drive a custom hot rod or a late model family sedan, it’s nearly impossible to over-estimate the importance of having the correct air pressure in your tires. Proper […]

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Mailbag: How to Adjust Your Existing Tires for Maximum Race Traction

You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re tuning tire pressure to track surface for maximum traction. G.L. Alamogordo, NM […]

Basic Maintenance Series: Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
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Basic Maintenance Series: Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

The beginning of each season is the perfect time to inspect your vehicle and make sure you’ve taken care of routine maintenance. Most vehicle manuals include a long list of maintenance […]