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Quick Tech: Determining Spring Rate Correction for Angle-Mounted Springs

Spring rate is a key factor in choosing the right springs for your suspension system. Spring rate is defined as the amount of force it takes to compress a spring one inch. […]

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Laterally Linked: Understanding Chassis Roll Center and How to Limit Lateral Movement

Lateral control is how the rear axle housing is kept in a side-to-side alignment with the chassis as the rear suspension moves through its travel. And it’s more important than […]

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Get Hotchkised: A 5-Step Plan for Making Your Classic Muscle Car Handle like a Late-Model

When Hotchkis Performance talks about suspension, we listen. Hotchkis sent us this primer on updating the suspension on classic 1960s and ‘70s muscle cars to make them handle like a late […]

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Spring Fling: Improving Articulation and Ride Comfort with Higher Quality Leaf Springs

Leaf springs have been used since the days of horse drawn carriages, and are still found on the back of new pickup trucks today for one simple reason: they work! […]

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Triangulated 4-Links: Make Your Stock Suspension Car Work

If you have a Fox-body or SN95 Mustang, a 1980s GM G-body (Grand National, Malibu, El Camino, etc.) or something like an early Chevelle or a GTO, it has a […]