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Best of Both Worlds: Building a Gen 1/LS Hybrid with World Products’ Motown II LS Block (Part 1)

Editor’s Note: Mike Mavrigian must do nothing but build engines and write stories about them. We have visions of his shop, Birchwood Automotive, set deep in the woods with Mavrigian […]

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Monday Mailbag: How to Choose Motor Mounts for an Early Small Block Chevy

Q: I need a set of Chevy small block motor mounts for my 1969 Camaro. I’ve been told there are two sizes available. How do I determine which size is correct? A: In […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Increase Compression on the Cheap

Is there a cheap way to increase compression on my small block Chevy? I have a 350 small block with iron heads. I don’t know much about the engine because […]

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Mailbag: Setting Performance Goals for a Chevy 283

Q: I have a small block Chevy engine. Unfortunately, I don’t know what size it is! The bore is 3.87-inch so I assume it is a 283 or a 307. There […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Blueprint for a Budget Small Block Chevy Build

I want to build a mild, 350ci small-block Chevy for a ’77 Chevy pickup I’ll use as a daily driver. The trans will be a TH-350 with a stock torque […]

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Mouse Muscle: 10 Potent Hop-Up Packages for Your Small Block Chevy

The small block Chevy engine is now well-over 60 years old. But you can keep your Mouse motor going thanks to an array of special performance packages. These packages include […]

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Mouse in a Box: A Quick Guide to Small Block Chevy Crate Engines

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—or so they say. As we continue to celebrate 60 years of the small block Chevy engine, we thought we’d take a look at […]

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Ask Away: Diagnosing High-RPM Power Loss

I have a small block Chevy in a ’66 Chevy II that seems to run pretty good but now I’m not so sure. It’s a 383 small block with a […]

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The Small Block at 60: History, Facts & More About the Engine That Changed Everything!

The small block Chevy engine wasn’t the first V8 engine. Heck, it wasn’t even Chevrolet’s first V8 engine (Chevy’s “Series D” V8 engine was offered from 1917-’19). But it was THE […]

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Top 8 Model Years in Hot Rod History (#3): 1955

What is the best year ever for cars and why? We put that question to the performance-minded people on Summit Racing’s Facebook page. Using their answers as a foundation, we’ve compiled […]