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1968 Dodge HEMI Dart
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Photo Gallery: All-Mopar Show 2013

We pride ourselves on liking vehicles of all kinds here at OnAllCylinders. For this one post, though, we proudly say: “Mopar or no car!” That’s because these images were captured […]

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Plymouth Rocks! A Thanksgiving-Sized Serving of Mopar Classics

What could be a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by revisiting Plymouth? Since it’s too late to plan an educational trip to historical Plymouth, MA, we’ve revisited some of our […]

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A Morning Cruise Down Mopar Alley

You won’t find it on a map or in your GPS. Google Earth can’t locate it, and Siri probably doesn’t know about it either. But for four days, Mopar Alley, the […]

The Top 5 Vehicle Makes You Want to Resurrect
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The Top 5 Vehicle Makes You Want to Resurrect

Hey, we don’t get it either. How is it that something so beloved by so many people can simply go away? From S.W. Graham to Planters Cheez Balls to Wacky […]

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Body Basics II: A Guide to Mopar Body Codes

How about another serving of alphabet soup? Last week, we shared a chart containing common GM body codes. Now we’ll turn our attention to Mopar, which also uses a letter […]