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Video: A Review of Summit Racing’s Can-Am X3 UTV Build

First, we were introduced to Summit Racing’s 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X DS Turbo R and given the list of exterior upgrades the powersports team made to the UTV. Then, […]

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Face Time (Part 4): Ford Bronco Bucks Its Way Onto Mt. Rushmore of Trucks

Perhaps when Mt. Rushmore artist and creator Gutzon Borglum chose the four U.S. Presidents to adorn his masterpiece, there were no objections to the selections. But we like to think […]

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Spring Fling: Improving Articulation and Ride Comfort with Higher Quality Leaf Springs

Leaf springs have been used since the days of horse drawn carriages, and are still found on the back of new pickup trucks today for one simple reason: they work! […]

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Trail Talk: Trail-Gear Owner Matt Messer Talks New Products, King of Hammers & More

Like many other companies, Trail-Gear was born to fulfill a need. Owner Matt Messer founded the company when he┬áperceived a lack of affordable, durable parts for true off-road enthusiasts. As […]