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How To Select The Right Accessory-Drive Brackets For A GM LS V8 Swap

  Properly mounting engine driven accessories onto your LS V8 swap, may at first, seem much more difficult than anticipated. LS swap engine mounts, headers, and cross members, make it […]

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How to Swap a Carburetor for a Holley Avenger EFI in 5 Simple Steps

Upgrading your early muscle car’s carburetor for a modern electronic fuel injection system has never been easier and less expensive. In the past, most EFI systems required some knowledge of […]

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Holley LS Fest Returns in September

The popularity of the GM LS engine has been well documented by OnAllCylinders. We’ve covered LS swaps, LS conversion kits, and parts developed just to make LS upgrades easier. But […]

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Video: How to Tune the Secondary Circuit on a Holley-Style 4-Barrel Carb

Learn how to adjust the secondary circuit on a Holley-style, four-barrel carburetor by watching this 20-minute Summit Racing Quick Flicks video:      

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Simplifying LS Swaps with Holley Retrofit Oil Pans

With more LS engines being swapped into early-model muscle cars that participate in bracket racing, autocross and other competitive events, the limitations of the stock oil pan become more evident. […]

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Product Profile: Easy EFI Swappin’ with Holley’s NASCAR-Inspired Terminator EFI System

The Holley Terminator EFI has been dubbed by professional engine builders and enthusiast publications as the easiest and most powerful bolt-on EFI upgrade available. The technology behind the Terminator’s reliable, […]

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“What Size Fuel Pump Do I Need?” Your Top Tech Questions Answered!

We reached out to the guys in Summit Racing’s renowned tech department—the largest full-time staff in the industry—to identify and answer the five common tech questions they hear on a […]

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Video: How to Adjust the Accelerator Pump on Your Holley-Style Carburetor

Prevent engine sputtering by learning how to properly tune your Holley-style four-barrel carburetor’s accelerator pump. Watch this 7-minute video and learn everything you’ll need to know to achieve smooth, consistent […]

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Video: Understanding the Main Metering Circuit on Your Holley-Style Carburetor

In this installment of Summit Racing’s Quick Flicks, you will learn about the main metering circuit on your Holley-style carburetor. The video is 15 minutes long and covers adjusting the […]

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Video: How to Adjust the Idle on Your Holley-Style Carburetor

This is the second in a video series that will teach you how to effectively tune your carburetor. In this 12-minute video, the tech experts at Summit Racing will provide […]