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Making the Most of Modern Flat Tappet Camshafts and Lifters

Camshafts and lifters are available in two basic formats—roller and flat tappet. And then within those two formats, they can either be of the mechanical (solid), or hydraulic variety. Fair […]

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Video 101: An Introduction to Camshaft Profiles and Flat vs. Roller Tappets

“Roller lifters maintain better contact with cam lobes, allowing cam designers to create profiles with more midrange and top-end power than a flat-tappet cam with the same duration,” says two-time […]

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Ford Racing’s Boss 302 Block

It’s a wonderfully wacky world we car people live in. The things that turn our cranks would only puzzle those outside the fraternity. After all, who but a fellow gearhead […]

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How to Choose the Right Street Cam (Part 2): The 8 Things You’ll Need to Know

If the rotating assembly is the heart and soul of your engine, the camshaft is the brains. It controls the movement of the entire valvetrain, telling the valve when to […]