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Mailbag: Key Differences Between Internal & External Engine Balance

Q: What’s the difference between internal and external engine balance? … A: An engine must be balanced to ensure smooth operation. Balancing an engine minimizes vibration which maximizes engine life. […]

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Finding Balance (Part 3): Getting Beyond the Shortcomings of Traditional Engine Balancing

In Part 2 of Finding Balance, we covered some of the variables that go accounted for during most traditional engine balancing processes. The million dollar question is: Given all these […]

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Finding Balance (Part 2): Examining the Shortcomings of Typical Engine Balancing Techniques

In part one of Finding Balance, we looked at the basics of engine balancing, In this installment, we’ll dive a little deeper into the process of engine balancing and look […]

Bobweights on crankshaft for balancing
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Finding Balance (Part 1): The Basics of Crankshaft Balancing

Machinists and engine builders have long been taught that, when balancing a crankshaft, its counterweights should equal the weight of the rotating mass, and equal half the weight of the reciprocating mass. […]