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Tools Under $30 Gift Guide: Electrical Multimeters

Whether it’s for holidays or a birthday, this Gift Guide Series shows you important, yet somewhat uncommon, tools that any gearhead would want. Today, let’s talk about Electrical Multimeters. Many experienced […]

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Quick Tech: Tips for Choosing and Installing an Alternator

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an alternator. Things like amperage, voltage, pulley ratio, and wiring all come into play. We’ve covered some of these topics in this earlier post; however, […]

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Mailbag: Quick Guide to Electrical System Grounding

Q: Electrical is not my strong suit, but the time has come for me to complete the wiring on my latest project. Electrical systems can be extremely complex, but are there any […]

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How to Diagnose Common Charging System Problems

Dead battery. Dim lights. Flickering gauges. Any one of these symptoms can be a sign of a weak charging system. Your charging system is responsible for restoring the charge to […]