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How to Check Crankshaft End Play (Video)

Crankshafts are among the most abused engine components because transmissions create tremendous forward force on them, especially in high performance applications. That’s why it’s important to check crankshaft thrust clearance, […]

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Finding Balance (Part 2): Examining the Shortcomings of Typical Engine Balancing Techniques

In part one of Finding Balance, we looked at the basics of engine balancing, In this installment, we’ll dive a little deeper into the process of engine balancing and look […]

Bobweights on crankshaft for balancing
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Finding Balance (Part 1): The Basics of Crankshaft Balancing

Machinists and engine builders have long been taught that, when balancing a crankshaft, its counterweights should equal the weight of the rotating mass, and equal half the weight of the reciprocating mass. […]