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Video: An Intro to How Sway Bars Work

Sway bars or — more accurately — anti-roll bars are designed to resist a vehicle’s tendency to pitch from side to side while cornering. In today’s video, the vehicle-stability experts […]

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Improving Hook with Sway Bars on Drag Cars

In the past, we’ve taken a look at the forces at work when a vehicle is accelerating. To recap: “…as each cylinder in the engine fires, the pistons (and consequently […]

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Video: Strength Testing Hollow Vs. Solid Sway Bars

Are solid sway bars stronger than hollow sway bars? It’s a frequently asked question from people preparing to make upgrades to their vehicle’s suspension because upgrading to a high performance […]

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Sway Bar Tech: Heat Treating and Why It’s Important

  How many times have you read or heard that a part has been “heat treated?” Whether you’re talking about pushrods, valvetrain components, chassis parts, or even lug nuts, heat […]