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Video: Choosing the Best Exhaust System for Your Car or Truck

The trick to successfully installing an aftermarket exhaust system isn’t just about your tech expertise or wrenching abilities. Many times, the most crucial step is simply selecting the right exhaust system during […]

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Video: New XForce Tech Gives Drivers Total Exhaust Control With Smartphone

(Image/StangTV) LAS VEGAS, NV — We weren’t actively wondering how XForce’s ultra-cool Varex mufflers with remote-controlled adjustable valve technology could get any cooler, but that didn’t stop XForce from teaching […]

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Truck Exhaust Guide: How to Choose an Exhaust System for Your Pickup

The purpose of your factory exhaust system is to muffle as much sound as possible. With that comes power-robbing backpressure created by restricting exhaust gas flow from the tailpipes. Aftermarket […]

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Video 101: An Introduction to Choosing Exhaust Headers

In today’s video, Summit Racing and PowerNation TV teamed up to offer some 101 tech tips for choosing aftermarket headers. In it, you’ll learn when it’s best to choose shorty […]

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Video: An Introduction to Exhaust System Components

Exhaust system upgrades are among the most-popular ways to add power and performance to a vehicle. Watch this four-minute Summit Racing Quick Flicks video and learn the basic ins and […]

Exhaustive Research: How To Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System
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Exhaustive Research: How To Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System

A while back, we conducted a course in Exhaust Anatomy 101 to provide a beginner’s look at aftermarket exhaust systems. Now that you’ve brushed up on the basics, we’ll show you what makes […]