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NHRA Pro Stock drivers Jason Line (top) and Greg Anderson (below) have renewed their partnership with Summit Racing Equipment. (Image/Summit Racing)
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Summit Racing Extends Partnership with NHRA Pro Stock’s Greg Anderson & Jason Line

NHRA Pro Stock drivers Greg Anderson and Jason Line will sport the Summit Racing logo on the sides of their 1,400-horsepower Chevy Camaro race cars for several more years, after […]

(Image/Kleinn Air Horns YouTube Channel)
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Video: How to Build Custom Air Lines Using Compression Fittings

If your compressed air system is going on a vehicle or in another custom installation, chances are you’ll be building the system from scratch using semi-rigid air lines and National […]


Mailbag: What Lifters Should I Use For My 360 Dodge Magnum Cam Swap?

Q: I’m building a 360 Dodge Magnum engine, and want to install a performance hydraulic roller camshaft. I can’t find the replacement OEM lifter alignment bars that the stock roller […]

The Challenger 2 Team (Image/Twitter - Danny Thompson)

2018 Speed Week Update: Danny Thompson Sets New 448.757-MPH Record at Bonneville

Driving his Challenger II land speed record car, Danny Thompson set a new AA/Streamliner record at the 2018 SCTA Speed Week in Bonneville, UT with a two-run average of 448.757 […]

Photo Gallery: Hot August Nights 2018 (Part 1)
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Photo Gallery: Hot August Nights 2018 (Part 1)

RENO, NV. — Working in the automotive performance industry has several perks. One of them is the ability to attend Hot August Nights and call it ‘work.’ Our friend Nicole Kunar […]

(Image/Summit Racing)

Parts Bin: Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

Most common types of electronic fuel injection (EFI) conversion kits rely on a single throttle body to deliver fuel into the intake manifold—very much like a traditional carburetor. But a […]

If this API ‘donut’ appears on a bottle of oil, inspect the label as this means the oil is a current spec API legal oil with an SL, SM, or SN rating. This means it contains roughly an 800 ppm concentration of ZDDP and is probably not a good choice for a flat tappet camshaft engine unless the valvetrain is completely stock—and even then this might be taking chances with lifter/cam durability. (Image/Jeff Smith)

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Can I Mix Zinc Additive with Off-the-Shelf Motor Oil to Save Money?

Why can’t I just add a bottle of zinc additive to my oil and then just use regular off-the-shelf oil? Won’t that work just as well as those more expensive […]

Vote NOW! The Top 10 Facebook Fan Rides of July 2018
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Vote NOW! The Top 10 Facebook Fan Rides of July 2018

Things really heated up in July—and we’re not just talking about the temperatures! The fans over on Summit Racing’s Facebook page have once again put the hot in hot rod […]

(Image/Horsepower Wars - Power Automedia)
Horsepower Wars

Horsepower Wars: $10K Drag Shootout Episode 1

Welcome to the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout. The concept is simple: Four teams, 10 days, and $10,000 to build a no-holds-barred drag car that can beat the rest. Each […]

(Image/YouTube - justchevytrucks)
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L96 6.0L Engine Specs: Performance, Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More

Mechanically similar, General Motors’ LS and LS-based Vortec engines wound up on almost every branch of the GM family tree: Chevy, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Buick—heck, even Saab, Hummer, and Isuzu got some […]