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Photo Gallery: Awesome SEMA 2018 Rides

LAS VEGAS, NV — Like every SEMA Show in recent history, the 2018 version features more vehicles each and every one of us want to drive or own than anyone […]

SEMA New Product Award 2018
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SEMA 2018: New Product Awards Winners

LAS VEGAS, NV — The most-popular part of the SEMA Show each year is the New Products Showcase, where about 2,000 new automotive aftermarket parts are being featured in 2018. […]

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SEMA 2018: Monday Photo Gallery

LAS VEGAS, NV — And we’re back. The 2018 SEMA Show is set to kick off Tuesday at in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center, and we took the […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): Right Stuff Detailing Signature Series Brake Booster/Master Cylinder Combos

Right Stuff Detailing has combined its brake boosters and master cylinders into one combo that delivers big stopping power in a small package: The Signature Series Chrome Booster/Master Cylinder combo! […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): SCAT 9000 Series Rotating Assemblies

You can’t go wrong using a Scat Rotating Assembly as the foundation for your next engine build. And with 767 different kits available, SCAT makes one for your engine—including a […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): Derale Hyper-Cool Fluid Coolers (with Video)

Looking to add years to the life of your transmission? Does your hot rod or project required a unique mounting solution for your transmission cooler? Derale says its Hyper-Cool Remote […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): FiTech Go EFI 4 600HP Master Kit

FiTech has changed the world of aftermarket EFI forever. The company’s Go EFI systems have greatly simplified the process of converting to electronic fuel injection and made it affordable for […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): Aeromotive Gen. II Stealth Fuel Tanks

The next generation in drop-in, affordable fuel system technology has arrived. The new Aeromotive Gen II Stealth fuel tank utilizes Aeromotive’s patented and award-winning Phantom technology. This enables a quiet, […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): XS Power IntelliSUPPLY Batter Charger

The IntelliSUPPLY is an advanced power supply unit and battery charger designed specifically for high performance lead-acid batteries. It uses MOSFET rectifier technology with an advanced microprocessor control board to […]

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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): Jet Xcelerator Throttle Enhancer

Electronically controlled throttles are here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the dreaded throttle lag these systems often experience. JET Performance developed its Xcelerator […]