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The Dodge Aspen: Our Favorite Tree-Named Musclecar

OK, so maybe Dodge picked the name Aspen because of the town in Colorado and not the species of deciduous trees, but being inspired by Arbor Day, we wanted to […]

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NHRA Announces New All-Electric Vehicle Racing Class for 2022 NHRA Summit Racing Series

Big news! The NHRA has created an all-new, all-electric vehicle racing class to compete in the Summit Racing Series. “We are thrilled for this new opportunity for our NHRA competitors,” […]

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Alex Taylor’s “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Building the Cage

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of progress in a short period of time on the Quest for the Sixes 1955 Chevy build—but we needed to […]

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Alex Taylor “Quest for the Sixes” Update: For 9-Inch Rear Build and Chassis Update

After focusing the previous video on fiberglass, Alex and team are back to work on the ’55’s chassis. Specifically, the focus for this video is on the front wheel and […]

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Hyundai Just Introduced the 2022 Santa Cruz: A 4-Door Pickup Truck with an Available Turbo & AWD

Hyundai just pulled the wraps off its long-awaited pickup, the 2022 Santa Cruz. This unibody truck boasts a four-door cab, 52 inch bed, and a standard 2.5L engine making an […]

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2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups Winner: The Chevy C-/K-Series Squarebody Pickup Truck!

While he was making the first round artwork for this year’s Muscle Car Match-Ups, Mike, one of OnAllCylinders top graphic designers, joked that he should just create the C-Series championship […]

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Alex Taylor’s “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Fabricating a Chassis

What all ACTUALLY goes into building a car? That’s a loose-ended question with lots of variables, I know! So, lets narrow that down… What does it take to build a […]

Muscle Car Match-Ups / Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Truck Tournament Final Championship Round

This is it. The final round pairing in our annual Muscle Car Match-Up competition. This year, we focused entirely on trucks and SUVs, cramming the 16-vehicle field with classic haulers, […]

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The SUV Version of GMC’s All-Electric Hummer EV Supertruck is Here

Originally released as an open-bed pickup, GMC just pulled the wraps off the all-electric Hummer Supertruck’s SUV stablemate. And despite being an entirely electric vehicle, GMC is making sure it […]

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The Dodge Power Wagon: America’s First Mass-Produced 4×4 Pickup Truck

OK, so we originally wanted to write a story on the first 4×4 ever made. But the history of 4x4s is really murky—filled with one-offs, defunct manufacturers, aftermarket conversions, and […]