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2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Old School vs. New School) – And the Winner Is…

Just as it did a year ago, the glorious 1968 Dodge HEMI Dart muscled its way to the championship round of Muscle Car Match-Ups and found itself squaring off against […]

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Watch These 6 Essential Automotive Documentaries Streaming Now

You’ve watched Tiger King on Netflix, right? If not, have you at least heard of it? Of course you have. The eight-part docuseries has completely taken the Internet by storm, […]

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Old School vs. New School) Final Four

And then there were four. The wrinkle thrown in for this year’s tournament (the 8th annual Muscle Car Match-Ups) was to pair eight old-school classics against eight new-school performance machines […]

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When April Fools’ Day Becomes Groundhog Day

April 1. April Fools’ Day. This is the day we usually clown on each other, pull pranks, and otherwise try to fool people into believing the sometimes absurd. We’ve done […]

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Ford Motor Company Joins Forces with 3M and GE Healthcare in Battle Against Coronavirus

Ford Motor Company is teaming up with 3M and GE Healthcare to help speed the production of live-saving respirators and ventilators critical to the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Ford […]

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Old School vs. New School) Round 2 Pairings

It happens every year (except for this one, so far). A field of of 64+ teams in the NCAA basketball tournament is immediately chopped in half. Everyone’s sad that we […]

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General Motors Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

General Motors is teaming up with Ventec Life Systems to increase production of respiratory care products in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. In cooperation with, the nation’s coordinated […]

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The 10 Best Racing Movies Ever—Revisited

What are the best racing movies of all time? This could be among the most important questions we can ask ourselves at a time when social distancing calls for most […]

2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups

Vote Now in the 2020 Muscle Car Match-Ups: Old School vs. New School

Welcome to Year 8 of OnAllCylinders’ Muscle Car Match-Ups tournament, which is our annual automotive twist on college basketball’s March Madness. These are strange times for all of us, as […]

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See Leaked Images of 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV, Per Reports

A smaller crossover SUV version of the Ford Bronco, named the Ford Bronco Sport, is expected to be available for purchase in late 2020, followed by the much anticipated full-size […]