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Alex Taylor “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Building and Mounting a Methanol Tank…Over the Radiator?

If you have ever been around ’55 Chevys you know how little space is under the hood. Throw in a twin-turbo big block Chevy, and space is even at more […]

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You Can Now Build an Official Dodge-Licensed Top Fuel Dragster Out of Legos

Before you ever picked up a set of wrenches, there’s a good chance you built your first project car out of tiny interconnecting bricks. And Lego’s glad you did. In […]

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Spoiler Alert: A Look at Our 10 Favorite Vehicle Wings

May 26 is known as “Paper Airplane Day.” So to inspire all of you would-be Wright Brothers, we came up with a list of our ten favorite vehicle wings. These […]

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Alex Taylor “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Adding Front End Tilts

Two-Lane Blacktop meets modern! You don’t typically see a tilt front-end on cars that are shooting for six-second ETs. The idea here was that a tilt front-end would allow for […]

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Fast in Translation: 10 Spanish-Derived Car Names

Want to polish-up your Spanish language speaking skills? Your favorite automotive blog is here to help. We’ll get you started with a list of ten Spanish words you probably already […]

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Alex Taylor “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Wheelie Bars and Trunk Lid Notch

With Alex attending LS Fest, Dennis stayed behind to work on the ’55 and was in charge of the video filming too! In this video, Dennis gets the wheelie bars […]

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The Dodge Aspen: Our Favorite Tree-Named Musclecar

OK, so maybe Dodge picked the name Aspen because of the town in Colorado and not the species of deciduous trees, but being inspired by Arbor Day, we wanted to […]

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Alex Taylor’s “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Building the Cage

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of progress in a short period of time on the Quest for the Sixes 1955 Chevy build—but we needed to […]

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Alex Taylor “Quest for the Sixes” Update: For 9-Inch Rear Build and Chassis Update

After focusing the previous video on fiberglass, Alex and team are back to work on the ’55’s chassis. Specifically, the focus for this video is on the front wheel and […]

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2021 Muscle Car Match-Ups Winner: The Chevy C-/K-Series Squarebody Pickup Truck!

While he was making the first round artwork for this year’s Muscle Car Match-Ups, Mike, one of OnAllCylinders top graphic designers, joked that he should just create the C-Series championship […]