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1956 Ford Victoria - Wild Wes Paintworks
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Quick Feature: Pro Vintage 1956 Ford Victoria

CLEVELAND, OH. — There were a ton of gorgeous vehicles on display at last weekend’s Piston-Powered AutoRama show. Too many to see them all. But one that we were able to spend […]

Chevelle Reveal 3
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Summit Racing Super Store Lifts Veil Off of Restomod 1969 “Chevelle”

Is it a Chevelle? A Malibu? Both? Neither? In the case of David Hamilton’s 1969 “Call-it-what-you-will” SS, the real answer lies somewhere in between. Unveiled today at Summit Racing Equipment’s […]

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Wenninger’s Got Wheels: How This Chevelle Launched a Professional Drag Racing Career

Drew Wenninger didn’t have a chance. He was destined to be part of drag racing, and that was cemented the day he started working on his first vehicle. The 1967 […]

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Brett Moore Honors Father’s Racing Legacy with 1959 Plymouth and 1956 Ford Vintage Racecar Builds

McDONOUGH, GA. — When you’re the son of a NASCAR Grand National racing great—like Brett Moore is—you’re bound to end up with a passion for the industry and a nostalgic […]

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Quick Feature: Aaron Quine’s #69 TA2 Camaro

Aaron Quine drives his #69 TA2 Chevy Camaro in the SCCA Pro Trans-Am series as a member of the ECC Motorsports team. Quine, a longtime racer and Akron, OH native, has […]

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Vote NOW! The Top 10 Facebook Fan Rides of December 2018

The holidays may be over, but the folks at Summit Racing are still looking to add new members to their “Fan Ride of the Month Club.” (It’s the gift that […]

Clay and Dalton Millican
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Clay Millican Finds Peace in Loss Through ‘Project Dently’

Our vehicles often take on a life of their own, carrying memories of moments lost in time and in-jokes shared by close friends and family. In some cases, they even […]

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Video: Hoonigan Team Highlights Evolution of ‘Scumbug’ VW Beetle Ahead of Baja

If you’re an OnAllCylinders frequenter, you probably know we’re shameless fans of the Hoonigan team. Please bear with us while we fawn over these rascals some more. Last month, we […]

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Video: Wild Wes Hot Rod Factory’s 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria

One thing about Wes Adkins, owner of Wild Wes Paintworks and Hot Rod Factory: he over-delivers, big time. This ’56 Vicky he built for owner Tony Confalone is no exception. […]

shartkart miata hoonigan
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Video: Intro to the Hoonigan ‘ShartKart’ Which Used to be a $200 Mazda Miata

We’re excited over the news that our friends at Summit Racing are getting together with the mad geniuses at Hoonigan to—presumably—make some cool project vehicles even cooler. Yesterday, we introduced […]