Product Profiles

Product Profiles

The Rivet Nut (Nutsert) Tool: A Quick & Easy Solution For Installing Blind Nuts

Sometimes you’ll find a spot on your project where you need a nut to secure a fastener, but there’s no way to reach the back side of it for access. […]

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Parts Bin: Unplugged Performance Suspension Parts Help Your Tesla EV Hug the Pavement

As the Summit Racing folks found out with their White Lightning Tesla Project Car, the Tesla Model 3 is a potent performer right out of the box. But while there […]

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Parts Bin: 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats Offer a Precise Fit, Quieter Ride, Easy Cleanup & Anvil-Like Durability

Not too long ago, shopping for the right vehicle floormats for your car, truck, or SUV meant you simply had to pick the ones that fit the best. Nowadays though, […]

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Parts Bin: Summit Racing Pro LS Valve Springs Help Unleash Your Engine’s Full Potential

Valve springs tend to be the Rodney Dangerfield of engine performance. That is to say, their importance is often overlooked. The truth is though, upgrading your valve springs is a […]

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Parts Bin: Mishimoto’s Universal Air-to-Water Intercoolers Let You Add an Intercooler Almost Anywhere

An intercooler helps cool the air moving through a turbocharger or supercharger system to deliver a cold, dense charge into the combustion chamber. But here’s the thing: Since an air-to-air […]

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Parts Bin: A JMS PedalMAX Module Lets You Adjust Throttle Response to Eliminate Drive-by-Wire Pedal Lag

Drive-by-wire technology has plenty of advantages, but if there’s one place where many folks would prefer the feel of a taut steel cable, it’s throttle response. That’s because on some […]

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Parts Bin: Aeromotive’s Got Fuel Pumps for Folks Building Big Power in Their 2016-20 Camaro or Cadillac CTS/ATS-V

In the quest for ever-higher performance numbers, it’s easy to look past the role of the fuel pump. But with increased power comes an increased demand for fuel, which is […]

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Track Testing the Summit Racing MAX-efi 500 EFI System

Summit Racing’s MAX-efi 500 electronic fuel injection system has proven itself as an affordable way to convert a carbureted street engine to EFI. Capable of handling up to 500 horsepower, […]

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Parts Bin: Hellwig Helper Springs Fight Suspension Squat to Let You Tow with Confidence

While many modern trucks come from the factory with hefty tow and payload ratings already, putting a lot of weight on the rear will likely cause the suspension to ride […]

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Parts Bin: PerTronix Now Offers Complete Ignition Packages Built Around Its Most Popular Products

By themselves, PerTronix’s Digital HP Capacitive Discharge Ignition Box and Flame Thrower III coil are two of the company’s best-selling products. So why not combine them into one incredible power-building, […]