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Video: A Guide to Choosing the Right Flowmaster Muffler

  Learn the difference between one-chamber, two-chamber, and three-chamber Flowmaster mufflers by watching this three-minute video by our friends at Summit Racing. In the video from the Atlanta Motorama, Alex […]

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Video: How the Corsa Xtreme Exhaust Adds 20 HP to the C7 Corvette

Want to see how Corsa Performance Exhaust coaxed 20 more horsepower and an additional 15 foot-pounds of torque out of the Chevrolet C7 Corvette? In this 7-minute video, the gang […]

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Parts Bin: Just-N-Time Trans Brake Button Offers Maximum Adjustibility

Collector Tethers’ Just-N-Time Button™ is a trans brake button relatively new to market that provides drivers with maximum adjustibility. The button is NHRA-accepted. Collector Tethers has labeled it a “hybrid.” […]

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Parts Bin: Bubba Rope Gator-Jaw Soft Shackle

From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Check out […]

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2014 Year in Review (Part 4): Exciting New Parts & Product Profiles

Editor’s Note: The year 2014 gave us the introduction of the 707-horse Hellcat and the end of the popular fifth-generation Mustang. A sinkhole swallowed up a bunch of Corvettes, and then Mother Earth spit out […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Inside the New Chevy ZZ5 Crate Motor

I was looking through all the different small block Chevy crate engines from Chevrolet the other day and noticed there’s now a ZZ5. I know there have been a whole […]

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Video: AIRAID Introduces New Air Intake for EcoBoost- and Coyote-Powered Mustang

LAS VEGAS, NV – The hottest new car for 2015 drew the lion’s share of attention from aftermarket performance parts makers at the 2014 SEMA Show, including AIRAID, which introduced […]

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GoPro HERO4 Promises Pristine Images of Your Motorsports Adventures

  GoPro, maker of the world’s most popular action video camera, has released its latest and greatest—the GoPro HERO4. The new camera is a massive technological leap from what was […]

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Motown Lowdown: Bringing LS Power to Your Vintage Chevy with the Motown LS Block

Gen I small block Chevy components are abundant and affordable. Gen III/IV LS cylinder heads and cam designs are high-flowing and offer great power potential. So World Products decided to […]

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New MSD Spark Plugs Incorporate 40 Years of Ignition Expertise

MSD’s entrance into spark plug manufacturing felt a little bit to us like Nike’s decision to start making socks to complement its shoe business. What took so long!? MSD has […]