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Project LS Next (Part 3): We Dyno Test the 440 Cubic-Inch “LS Next” Project

In this episode of Project LS Next, we find out what Mike Mavrigian’s 440 cubic-inch LS engine made on the dyno—after he installed the induction system, ignition, and a pair […]

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Project LS Next (Part 2): Installing the Oil System and Valvetrain on Our 665-Horse LS Build

Editor’s Note: We’re back with Part Two of Project LS Next, a 440 cubic inch LS engine based on Dart’s LS Next iron block and built by Mike Mavrigian at […]

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Project GP (Part 1): Installing New Gears, Suspension and Tires on our Jeep LJ/TJ Project

Sixty-some years ago, before our favorite four-wheel-drive vehicle earned the name Jeep, the Army’s 4WD ¼-ton scout vehicle was given the designation of “GP” for General Purpose vehicle. It was given this […]

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Project LS Next (Part 1): The Short Block for our 665-Horse 440 LS Build

Editor’s Note: Mike Mavrigian of Birchwood Automotive is back with another cool engine build. This one is a 440 cubic inch LS engine based on Dart’s LS Next iron block. […]

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YJ Rehab (Part 2): Rebuilding Drum Brakes (Yes, Drum Brakes) on Our Jeep YJ Project

In Part One of YJ Rehab, we showed you how to restore the suspension and upgrade the fuel system on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. In this exciting episode, we’ll […]

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Street Ultra 582: Hardcore Horsepower’s 805 HP Pump Gas Big Chevy

Back in 1999, Mike Petralia at Hardcore Horsepower & Dyno Shop in Franklin, TN built a 556-cubic-inch big block Chevy test mule for Hot Rod magazine. That engine made 790 horsepower […]

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Coyote Alternative: Trick Flow Gets 466 HP Out of a Ford 2V Mod Motor!

Everybody that has Ford blue running through their veins loves the 5.0L Coyote. And with good reason—a production Coyote makes 435 horsepower and 400 ft.-lbs. of torque, and they’re readily […]

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YJ Rehab (Part 1): Rebuilding a Jeep YJ Chassis

OnAllCylinders readers might remember when we began our 70,000-mile 1994 Jeep Wrangler Sahara project by giving it a frame-off restoration by stripping and recoating the frame with KBS products. That was a while […]

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Back in Black Nighthawk LS (Part 3): 629 Horsepower from a 408 LS Engine!

Editor’s Note: Mike Mavrigian’s shop, Birchwood Automotive, specializes in street performance and racing engines as well as vehicle restoration. We covered his last build, a 499 cubic inch Mopar 400 […]

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Flat Towing Tech: The Hows and Whys of Installing a Tow Bar

It’s time to hit the highway for a little summer adventure. Our getaways often include four-wheeling on new and distant trails, and that means towing our Jeep behind a motorhome or some other tow […]