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Aussie Power: Twin-Turbo 451 Delivers 1,409 Ponies for Rare XY Falcon GT!

Street Ford magazine’s Roy Velardi is about to turn up the “wild” and “violence” quotient on Project Wild Violence, his rare XY Falcon GT replica. As you may recall, we told you all about […]

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Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 3): Engine and Drivetrain

There’s usually at least one thing missing from a kit project: the engine. While Factory Five supplies most of what’s needed to complete the Mk4 roadster, getting it running on […]

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Video: Lock-Up Torque Converters 101

This video covers the fundamental differences between lock-up and non lock-up torque converters, including a breakdown of the anatomy of a lock-up torque converter, and the advantages of using one. […]

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Heat Advisory: Spark Plug Heat Range and What You Need to Know

The spark plug is the Rodney Dangerfield of the hot rodding universe. It gets no respect—or at least very little. As performance enthusiasts, we tend to focus on power builders […]

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Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 2): Rear Suspension

In our first installment on Summit Racing’s Cobra Project, we covered in general the scope of the buildup, and then got down to the details on installing the front suspension […]

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Top Class 565 (Part 3): Finishing Touches and Dyno Results (with Video)!

In our Top Class 565 (part two), we showcased cylinder head and valvetrain assembly for Trick Flow’s 565-cubic-inch big block Chevy. This time around, we’re gonna find out what this […]

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Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 1): Front Suspension and Steering

When Summit Racing chose to a build a Sixties-style Cobra roadster, focusing solely on the past was not an option. This project not only captures the sound and fury of […]

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Project X-BOX Update: Paint and Bodywork on Horizon for Terzich’s Pro Touring ’55

It’s been nearly five months since we’ve had an update on Denny Terzich’s latest ProRides endeavor, Project X-BOX. And as you’ll see, a lot can change in just five months! […]

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Battery Shuffle: Improving Weight Transfer with a Battery Relocation Kit

Automotive batteries are hefty fellas. Many OE batteries check in at 40 pounds or more, and even “lightweight” racing batteries tip the scales at 20 pounds or so. While that […]

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Top Class 565 (Part 2): Trick Flow’s Big-Cube Rat Receives Its Top End

In our first Top Class 565 post, we outlined the short block assembly for the 565 cubic inch big block that will be part of the prize package awarded to […]