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Carb Detective: Troubleshooting 6 Typical New Carb Problems

Ah, the carburetor. For some guys, it’s a symbol of American automotive performance…a genuine hot rodder’s answer to the “evils” of modern fuel injection. For others, it’s a source of […]

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7 Simple Steps to Keep Your Dirt Bike or ATV/UTV Battery Running Strong

Few things can make a kid go from happy to sad more quickly than these three words: “batteries not included.” After all, the latest electronic toy or gadget is useless […]

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How to Clean Your Dirt Bike Air Filter

It’s an unfortunate irony, but a true one—your dirt bike doesn’t like dirt. More specifically, your bike’s engine doesn’t like dirt. Too much of it will inevitably clog your air […]

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How to Choose a Carburetor

Wondering how to choose a carburetor? This is a question that confronts anybody in the market for a carburetor, whether it’s for a street or race vehicle. Many companies offer […]

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How to Improve Your Fuel Mileage

The better an engine is at converting air and fuel into power—and more of that power the drivetrain can put to the ground—the more performance can be extracted from a […]

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An Introduction to Motor Oil for Dirt Bikes, ATVs, and UTVs

Our friends at Klotz Synthetic Lubricants used a joking tone, but what they said was true nonetheless: In the United States, you have many freedoms. And one of them is […]

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Dyno Duel: Engine vs. Chassis Dynos & What You Should Know

So you just A) bought a high performance engine; B) bolted some go-fast parts on your existing engine, or C) built a brand new engine. Now you’re chomping at the […]

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12 Routine Maintenance Tips for Dirt Bikes

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”         That’s a time-tested piece of fire fighting advice that also applies to things like our health, security, and yes—even your […]

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Suspension 201: 5 Ways to Improve Your Muscle Car’s Handling

The American muscle car is synonymous with brute power, tire-shredding torque, and—well, muscle. Things like handling, cornering, and ride comfort tend to be an afterthought in our pursuit of the […]

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Solving Common Aftermarket Starter Problems

What’s more frustrating than an old, worn out starter that just won’t turn over? How about a brand new starter that won’t crank over…or engage properly…or fit correctly? We don’t […]