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Radiators 101: A Basic Guide to Aftermarket Radiators

It’s no big secret that big horsepower means increased heat. But high performance engines, like other internal combustion powerplants, aren’t really all that efficient. Roughly one-half of the total heat […]

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Quick Tech: “AN” vs. “NPT” Fittings and How They Relate

In the automotive plumbing world, there a few different ways to measure thread size on fittings and hoses. The most popular thread measurements are AN and NPT. What’s the difference […]

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Video: How to Measure Shock Length

If you’re making custom modifications to your suspension, it may require you to use different shocks than the ones that came stock from the factory. Watch this short video and […]

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Video: How to Tune the Power Valve on Your Holley-Style Carburetor

Learn how your carburetor’s power circuit affects your vehicle’s acceleration, as well as how the power valve works and how to find the perfect tune, by watching this 16-minute video. […]

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“What Size Fuel Pump Do I Need?” Your Top Tech Questions Answered!

We reached out to the guys in Summit Racing’s renowned tech department—the largest full-time staff in the industry—to identify and answer the five common tech questions they hear on a […]

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Video: How to Make a Braided Hose Assembly With AN Fittings

Watch this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video and learn the basics of cutting braided hose lines and adding AN fittings to the ends. Tools You Will Need: Braided Stainless Steel […]

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How to Read Tire Sizing for ATVs and UTVs

Tire sizing doesn’t have to be complicated. And thanks to the gang at ITP Tires, you’ll never again have to do any head scratching while scoping out the tire walls […]

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Automotive Paint Guide (Part 6): Paint Safety and Cleanup

In this final installment of Summit Racing‘s automotive paint video series, you will hear a few important paint safety and clean-up tips that will help you wrap up your painting […]

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More Cheat Sheets: 13 Key Automotive Formulas You Should Know

How do you calculate compression ratio? What’s the best way to figure out engine displacement? In the automotive mechanics world, there are formulas and conversions for measuring just about everything—from […]

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Video: How to Adjust the Accelerator Pump on Your Holley-Style Carburetor

Prevent engine sputtering by learning how to properly tune your Holley-style four-barrel carburetor’s accelerator pump. Watch this 7-minute video and learn everything you’ll need to know to achieve smooth, consistent […]