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Cheat Sheet: Quick Guide to Engine Firing Orders

Do small, simple projects become extremely large and a little out of your league when it comes to your ride? Has a simple distributor cap and rotor change quickly turned ugly? […]

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Drop That Chevy: McGaughy’s Suspension Drop Parts for 1960-72 GM Pickups

    There is not a truck guy out there who doesn’t love (or at least really like) the classic 1960-72 Chevy and GMC pickups. It’s a no-brainer, really. The […]

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OnAllCylinders Year in Review: Top Tech & How-To Posts of 2012

Editor’s Note: 2012 was quite a year. Actually, for OnAllCylinders, it was our only year. We’re putting the finishing touches on our first 12 months of delivering a unique combination of tech […]

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Learning to Stitch: An Introduction to MIG Welding

  So you took (or are about to take) the plunge and got a MIG welder. Not only will you be able to make brackets, stitch together body panels, and […]

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Video: A Closer Look at Flexplates

Watch this video from our friends at TCI Auto to better understand a flexplate’s role in automatic transmission operation. You learn how the flexplate connects the torque converter to the engine’s crankshaft, functioning […]

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Video: Chambered vs. Straight-Through Mufflers (and Turbo-Style, Too!)

Choosing a muffler for your vehicle is almost like picking a soundtrack for your driving adventures. Do you want a low-pitched growl, a raspy exhaust tone, or just an all-out […]

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Video: Lock-Up Torque Converters 101

This video covers the fundamental differences between lock-up and non lock-up torque converters, including a breakdown of the anatomy of a lock-up torque converter, and the advantages of using one. […]

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Video: How to Choose a Camshaft for Ford 5.0L

In this 15-minute Quick Flicks video, the gang at Summit Racing takes the guesswork out of choosing a camshaft for your Ford 5.0L, providing some general guidelines for choosing a cam […]

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Head Games (Part 4): Everything You Need to Know About Vortec Heads

Vortec cylinder head castings first hit the high performance scene in 1996 and provided GM owners a healthy, budget-friendly option for boosting horsepower. According to Summit Racing, Vortec heads still […]

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Two-Valve Twist: Trick Flow Heads Add 100 Extra Horses to a 4.6L 2V

For owners of Ford 4.6L and 5.4L Two-Valve modular V8s, the wait for a true performance cylinder head ended in 2009. That’s when Trick Flow Specialties introduced the Twisted Wedge […]