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Long Rod Chevy 307 = Big Power

Chevrolet’s 307ci small block has long been viewed as a mild-mannered grocery getter. You’ve seen hundreds of thousands of them in Chevelles, Novas, Camaros, and untold other mainstream Chevys. We […]

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The Little Stuff Matters: 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips

There are a lot of ways to build an engine. Some are quick and dirty, get the job done affairs. Others are over-the-top meticulous, leave no rock unturned such as […]

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Beware the 13mm Square Drive Drain Bolt: A Mechanic’s Horror Story (Read On…IF YOU DARE!)

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. Lightning crackled across the sky, briefly overpowering the cacophony of howling winds and driving rain slamming against the garage door. …But the bad […]

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422 Cubes of Small Block Thunder Part 3: Ignition, Accessories & Dyno Results

We’ve arrived at the final installment of our 422 cubic inch small block Chevy build. You know what that means—dyno results! You can cheat and scroll down to find out […]

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Project White Lightning Update 4: Summit Racing’s Upgraded Tesla Goes Back to the Autocross Course

Whether it’s gas, diesel, or electric, Summit Racing’s going to find a way to hot rod every vehicle it gets its hands on. So when Summit Racing introduced us to […]

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How to Install a LubeLocker Differential Cover Gasket

OK, so this walkthrough of how to install a LubeLocker differential cover gasket is going to be pretty short. But…that’s basically the whole point. That’s because anyone’s who’s fiddled with […]

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Spare Hands: Working with Cleco Fasteners

Right up front, the question is: What the heck is a Cleco? Clecos are reusable fasteners engineered to securely clamp panels and sheetmetal together before they are permanently assembled. They’re […]

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Building Ford’s Fabulous 429 Super Cobra Jet

Ford’s legacy of powerful big block V8s dates back to 1958 with the skirted Ford FE Series 332/352ci engines that ultimately grew to 427ci by 1963 and 428ci by 1966. […]

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Cam for the Ram! 360 Magnum Cam Upgrade

What does the Dodge Magnum 360 have in common with the GM LS engine family? In fact, what does a Magnum 360 (or smaller 5.2L 318) have in common with […]

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422 Cubes of Small Block Thunder, Part 2: Oiling System, Valvetrain & Induction

In Part One of our 700 horsepower small block Chevy build, Mr. Mavrigian got into prep of the Dart SHP block and Scat/Icon rotating assembly as well as installing the […]