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Panning for Power: Wet Sump Oil Pan Innovation

In drag racing, the most common oiling systems are wet sump arrangements. Virtually every Stocker and Super Stocker uses one, and so do plenty of Super Class cars and Competition […]

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6.0L LS Engine Guide: Block Specs, Swap Resources & Build Info

Over the course of its 20+ year production run, the venerable GM LS engine came from the factory in many different configurations. And that’s particularly evident when you see its […]

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Ditch The Blower: 600 HP Turbo 3800 V6 Build

When it comes time to talk about engine swaps, the first motor that comes to mind is probably the GM LS. Long the darling of the industry, the LS has […]

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Rod Bolt Stretch Gauges: The Right Tools for Measuring Bolt Stretch

Today, torquing certain fasteners (particularly connecting rod bolts/nuts) is far different than it once was. The level of sophistication has increased (dramatically) from simply using a torque wrench, tightening to […]

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Building Blocks: 10 Often-Overlooked Small (Yet Important!) Parts You Need to Finish Your Engine Assembly

For anyone building an engine in a small town, the pain of finding all of the little pieces necessary to assemble the thing can be considerable—and we’re not talking about […]

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Are You Still Installing Oil Pumps Right Out of The Box?

Call it blind faith, but a lot of us have been installing new oil pumps right out of the box without giving them a detailed inspection. Most of the time, […]

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Suspended Animation: What Are Split Mono Leaf Springs & How Can They Help?

If you look closely at leaf spring NHRA Stockers or other stock suspension small tire cars, most have one thing in common: The suspension consists of some sort of traction […]

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How Transparent Fuel Lines Helped Solve a Decades-Old Motorcycle Idle Problem

I’ve had an on-again/off-again love affair with my father’s 1970 Honda CB350 motorcycle. With twin megaphone mufflers, chrome fenders, and a hipster-chic kickstart, the little street bike just oozes retro […]

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Project White Lightning Update 5: Summit Racing’s Tesla Sets Land Speed Records at ECTA Standing Mile!

Whether it’s gas, diesel, or electric, Summit Racing’s going to find a way to hot rod every vehicle it gets its hands on. So when Summit Racing introduced us to […]

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Pity the Pushrod: Why You Should Pay Attention to Pushrods

Pity the poor pushrod. The loads it must encounter are sizable. How sizable? Consider one of the writer’s engines—a simple 565 cubic inch, pump gas big block Chevy. It’s equipped […]