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Eccentric Ways: The Best Way to Break-In a Flat Tappet Camshaft

The automotive world has totally embraced the notion of hydraulic roller lifers. Yes, rollers reduce friction and present the opportunity to employ a more aggressive lift profile compared to a […]

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Paint & Body Tech: What Sandpaper Should You Use?

When it comes to automotive bodywork, there are many, many different grades of sandpaper grit. And selecting the right grit to use for each stage of the paint and body […]

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Video: Using a Harmonic Balancer Tool to Install a Harmonic Damper

Harmonic dampers, AKA harmonic balancers, help absorb internal engine vibrations to ensure your rotating assembly stays happy. Problem is, sliding one onto a crankshaft isn’t the easiest job and there’s […]

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Longing For a Hemi? Does Intake Runner Length Matter

The question is, does length matter? The answer is a BIG yes, especially if we are referring to intake runner length! You see, runner length plays a huge role in […]

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The Last Waltz: The Renewal of an Abused Chevy 283

It all began with a cast-off 283 small-block Chevy. The ’64 El Camino limped into our garage spitting out of the carburetor and suffering from severe palpitations. By all indications, […]

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Paint & Body Tech: What Type of Body Filler Should You Use?

Application of body filler is a vital step in the automotive body work process if you want a successful paint job. When used properly, it can help conceal minor body […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Building Blocks for a Big Block Chevy

I am tackling a 1969 Corvette. The 390 HP L36 427 was rebuilt but now needs to go to a 0.060-inch overbore. My buddy and I have been considering building a 454 […]

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How to Set Valve Lash

Setting valve lash on an engine with a mechanical cam is a necessary evil. Most pro engine builders will tell you the lash on a race car should be checked […]

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TDC: An Important Tuning Position That Should Not be Overlooked

It’s the classic rhetorical question: “How high is up?” Luckily, finding Top Dead Center (TDC) in an engine is far less taxing from a theoretical standpoint. TDC refers to the […]

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Building Custom Exhaust Systems: It’s the Little Things That Count

Many exhaust systems are basically plug and play—line up the pipes, clamp ‘em together, and everything more or less fits. But what if you have an oddball combination or a […]