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Fifth-Gen. Frenzy (Part 1): Summit Racing’s Camaro Project Kicks Off with New Exhaust & Air Intake

The sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro debuted for the 2016 model year. Although the 2016 Camaro closely resembles its fifth-generation brethren, a lighter, sleeker design has helped the new Camaro set new […]

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Video: How to Apply LizardSkin Sound Control Insulation

Do you want to eliminate unwanted road noise, exhaust drone, or car rattle from loud music? Sure you do. By watching this video you will learn how to apply LizardSkin […]

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Saving Silverado (Part 5): Updating and Upgrading Your Factory Mirrors

In this installment of Saving Silverado, we have a super easy upgrade that most anyone can perform without the need for any special tools. We’re upgrading the stock power side mirrors […]

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Video: How to Break In New Crate Engines

Learn how to properly break in a newly purchased crate engine to ensure long engine life and that your warranty stays intact by watching this video. It will cover: 1. […]

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Wrap Those Rascals: Installing Exhaust Wrap on Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

Our friend and OnAllCylinders contributor Jesse Kiser picked up a 1974 Honda 360 as a first bike for his wife, who is new to motorcycles. The Honda’s exhaust pipes were […]

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Video: An In-Depth Look at the Summit Racing TH350 Transmission

In today’s video, Mike from Summit Racing highlights the features of Summit Racing-brand TH350 transmissions, which provide a low-cost alternative to new transmissions with more reliability than typical rebuilt trannys. […]

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As the Wrangler Turns: How and Why to Upgrade Your Jeep’s Steering with Heavy-Duty Components

It’s much more difficult to bend a strong straight shaft than a strong bent shaft. That’s the reasoning for replacing your curved OEM Jeep tie rod with a straight tie rod […]

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Jacked Up: Adding Ground Clearance with a Skyjacker 3-Inch Lift Kit

Just as a winch is severely limited in its capability without its accessory kit (tree strap, clevis, snatch block, etc.), a Cherokee is severely limited in its off-road capability without […]

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Video: How to Install a Putco Light Bar Behind Your Truck Grille

LED lights are all the rage. In this video, a Putco tech shows you how to install one of Putco’s curved, 40-inch LED light bars behind the grille of a Ford truck. […]

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Roll Call: Installing a Front Roll Cage on a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

You might think your Jeep’s OEM front bars will protect you in event of an upset, but you’d be wrong. Those bars are strictly there to secure the windshield, not to protect […]