This photo illustrates the offset weight found on a flexplate and the harmonic balancer for an externally balanced big-block Chevy 454 as indicated by the arrows. On a flywheel, the offset weight is often a series of drilled holes around the outside of the flywheel instead of a fixed weight. (Image/Jeff Smith)
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Choosing a Flywheel for a Gen VI 454 Chevy Big Block

I am looking for the right flywheel for my Gen VI 454 engine. The date code on the block is K106, and the engine casting number is 12550313. I purchased […]

(Image/Trucks Gone Wild Classifieds)

Mailbag: Parts Recommendations for ’78 Bronco Mud Truck Build

Q: I plan to do a lot of muddin’ in my 1978 Ford Bronco 4×4. But since I’m no expert mechanic, I thought I’d ask for your advice. The Bronco […]


Mailbag: Rich-Running Ford 302 Won’t Shut Off in ’76 Mustang Cobra II—Please Help

  Q: Under the hood of my 1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra II is the original 302 bored .030 over. It has flat top forged pistons, Sealed Power chromoly rings, […]

(Image/Brian Nutter)
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Summit Racing’s Bolt-on Mustang Subframe Connectors are Inexpensive Way to Stiffen Chassis

If you jump out of your old Mustang and into a newer one, the first thing you’ll notice is how much stiffer the chassis is. The suspension can be tuned […]

Mailbag: Troubleshooting a Misfiring 515-HP Chevy 377 Engine in a ’69 Camaro

Mailbag: Troubleshooting a Misfiring 515-HP Chevy 377 Engine in a ’69 Camaro

Q: My 1969 Chevy Camaro has a brand new 377 cubic inch small block, a Turbo 350 transmission (4,000 rpm stall), a 12-bolt rear-end with 4.11 gears, an MSD 6AL […]

We recently worked with JCG Restoration and Customs on an alignment story on this Mopar. Their Hunter alignment machine is highly accurate and they can produce an alignment that is more performance friendly. (Image/Jeff Smith)
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Tips for Aligning Your Front Suspension to be Performance Friendly

I am running a ‘61 Comet wagon with Mustang II type front suspension with rack and pinion steering that has replaced the stock OE shock tower suspension and steering box.  […]


Mailbag: A Recipe for Making 600 HP in a 400 V8-Powered ’69 Firebird

Q: I bought a 1969 Pontiac Firebird a few weeks ago. I has a factory 400 V8, which I’m told makes 345 horsepower. I’d like to get 600 horses out […]

(Image/Wayne Scraba)
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Assemble Ignition Wire With the Proper Crimping Tools

Putting together ignition wires can be troublesome without the right tools. It wasn’t a big deal when solid core 7-mm wires were the norm, but with today’s selection of large-diameter […]

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Video: How a 4-Stroke Engine’s Piston Motion & Valve Events Work & Why it Matters for Cam Selection

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the importance of Considering Individual Timing Events When Choosing a Cam to help us determine the duration, lobe separation and advance needed. This is especially important […]


Mailbag: Recommending Parts for a 350 Engine Swap into a ’66 Chevy II SS

Q: My current restoration project is a 1966 Chevy II SS. I need your help to pick out the parts I need for the engine. The engine is a 350 […]