Shift Light Tachometer in a vintage Chevy
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Shifty Business: How to Install A Shift-Light Tach

Today, big high quality electronic tachometers are a common sight at drag strips and in fast street cars. Modern electronics have turned tachometers into precise and reliable instruments (provided, of […]

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Quick Tech: Getting the Perfect Fit with CalTrend’s Custom Seat Covers

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point you’ll get a stain, tear, or the smell of that day-old burrito onto your truck’s new upholstery. This […]

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Comfort Zone: Rehabbing a CJ-7’s Tired Old Interior

Just like suspension components and tires, a Jeep’s interior will begin to wear eventually–especially after years of off-roading on rugged trails. Take this 1982 Jeep CJ-7, for example. The Bestop seats […]

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Installing Summit Racing Gauges in a Jeep JK Wrangler

Jeep builds JK Wranglers with engine temperature and fuel level gauges, but provides warning lights—the infamous idiot lights—for oil pressure and battery voltage. Even back in the good old days […]

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Mailbag: How to Make Shifter Adjustments

B.D. • Goldsboro, NC Q: My Ford Fairlane has a shifter problem! I tried to install a Hurst Pro-Matic on my rebuilt C-6 transmission but I can’t seem to get […]

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How to Fab and Install a Roll Bar

(Editor’s note: Al built this cage when he worked for exhaust manufacturer Stainless Works) My automotive pride and joy is a 1967 RS/SS Camaro. I have owned my car for […]

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How to Install Electric-Life Power Windows

Call us soft, call us lazy, but we like power stuff on our cars. We can’t think of any sane reason to use old-fashioned cranks and handles when there are […]