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Transmission Match: How to Visually Identify an Automatic Transmission

Transmission identification is a common issue among classic car enthusiasts. According to the Summit Racing technical department, it’s one of the most-asked-about topics when customers call for advice. We dedicated an […]

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Video: How to Apply LizardSkin Sound Control Insulation

Do you want to eliminate unwanted road noise, exhaust drone, or car rattle from loud music? Sure you do. By watching this video you will learn how to apply LizardSkin […]

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Video: How to Choose the Right Crate Engine

If you’ve decided to go with a crate engine instead of the original engine or a used engine on your vehicle build, there are several choices you’ll need to make. […]

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How to Use an Oil Filter Cutter & Why You Need One!

Oil analysis. If you’re an advanced DIYer, you’ve probably heard that term before. The proper nomenclature is actually “spectrographic oil analysis,” and it has been used for decades by oil companies, fleet operators, […]

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How to Install and Break In a New Set of Wheels (the Actual Right Way)

The hard part is over, right? After much hand-wringing about fitment and flip-flopping between styles, you’ve finally selected a new set of wheels for your ride. Now all you have to […]

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Cell Service: Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Fuel Cell

Some safety items are designed to protect you in case of a fire: fire suits, fire extinguishers, etc. A fuel cell is designed to prevent automotive fires altogether, making it one […]

How to Defrost Windshield
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Video 101: How to Quickly Defrost Your Windshield

It’s that time of year where you might find yourself running late to work. Even worse, you might have to wake up early just to warm up your car, scrape […]

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Video: How to Break In New Crate Engines

Learn how to properly break in a newly purchased crate engine to ensure long engine life and that your warranty stays intact by watching this video. It will cover: 1. […]

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Video: How to Select a Catalytic Converter for Your Vehicle

Universal or direct-fit? California or one of the 49 other states? What’s the right catalytic converter grade? These are the questions MagnaFlow covers in this video which will teach you the basics […]

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Hose-End How-To: How to Assemble Cutter-Style Hose Ends

There have been plenty of articles penned on how to assemble AN hose (and hose ends). The process is pretty straightforward. Get it wrong and you’ll have a leaky fitting. Get it […]