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How to Set Up Dual Carburetor Linkage (with Images)

We’ve built and tuned so many supercharged engines over the years, we’ve lost count. And every time we build a Roots-blown engine, the thing we least look forward to is […]

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Slow Your Roll: Upgrading Your Jeep Brake System for Better Stopping Power

You’ve increased your Jeep’s tire size for improved ground clearance, and then you lowered its gear ratio to take advantage of the taller tires. But now, with the taller tires […]

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How to Use Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder

Having the right tool for any job often results in a successful completion of the task, and it can often save time as well, which can translate into more free […]

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Quick Tech: How to Break In Stamped Steel Rocker Arms

Stamped steel rocker arms are common on budget crate engines, and many race classes require the use of stamped steel rockers. Because they do not feature a roller bearing pivot, […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Converting a Draw-Through Carburetor to Blow-Through

I have a 850 Mighty Demon carb marked BC 56. The carb is designed for use with a Roots or draw-thru supercharger. I want to use it for blow-through using a […]

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How to Fix Hard Line Leaks with Koul Tools’ Surseat Flare Lapping Tools

When it comes to fabbing hard lines, there are no real tricks involved. It’s just a matter of measuring, trial and error, and patience. The main goal is to build lines that […]

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Body Panel Alignment Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it—when it comes to our cars and trucks, details matter. As automotive enthusiasts, we notice things like uneven fender gap and outright misalignment between body panels. These are […]

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Quick Tech: How to Use Summit Racing’s LS Harmonic Balancer Puller and Installer Tool

Remember when your mom told you not to run through the house with scissors or to stop sticking that screwdriver in the electric outlet? OK, maybe that was us. But […]

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Video: How to Assemble PTFE Braided Hose for Fuel Lines

With corrosion from oxygenated pump fuel wreaking havoc on automotive plumbing systems, car owners and auto techs are turning to more durable line solutions like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) braided hose. It’s not […]

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Video: How to Repair Dents with a Hammer and Dolly

Kevin Tetz is a certified auto body repair man, TV personality, and creator of the video series Paintucation. Tetz recently put together a series of short tech videos in conjunction with Summit […]