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Video: How to Install Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs

Mini-tubbing dates back to 1960s-era drag racing. The act of widening a car’s rear wheelwells (mini-tubbing) still remains a popular option these days, but often for entirely different reasons. Because mini-tubbing […]

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A Little Setback: Engine Mounting Strategies for Drag Racing

Just how important is engine mounting in a drag car? Very. Consider the case of a common rear-wheel drive production line car: Typically, mounts are laid out in a three-point […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Set Preload on Hydraulic Lifters — and Why It’s Important!

I just installed a new cam in my small block Chevy. The engine runs great, but I’ve noticed that at idle and at some cruising speeds the engine makes a […]

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How to Load Trailers Safely and Help Prevent Catastrophe

Very bad things can happen when we load trailers improperly. We were reminded of this fact after seeing video of U-Haul’s trailer-sway demonstration at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Conference […]

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Video: How to Choose the Correct Torque Converter

Because we must understand how certain parts work to make the best choices for our specific application, this edition of Carl’s Tech Talk video series from Summit Racing begins with […]

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Video: Installing a Spartan Locker in a Dana 30 Axle Carrier

Follow step-by-step how to install a lunchbox-style Spartan Locker into a Dana 30 axle carrier by watching this video, and learn the tips and tricks to the pros use to […]

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Single Part Number 5-Speed Swap: Summit Racing Simplifies Swapping a Modern Manual into Classic Mustangs

In our first installment of our ’68 Mustang rejuvenation project, we prepped our Blueprint 408 Windsor to be dropped in and replace the tired original 289. Since then, we did […]

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Video 101: How to Install HeatShield Hot Rod Sleeves

We’ve talked a lot recently about vapor lock. You can learn what vapor lock is by reading this article. You can then find some cures for the root causes of vapor lock in this […]

how to set throwout bearing clearance
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Video: How to Set Your Clutch’s Throwout Bearing Clearance

Quarter Master makes high performance racing clutches. Good ones. But no matter how good or well-built a clutch may be, it can’t last long if the throwout bearing clearances aren’t […]

kirkey seat with g-force safety harness
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Safety Harnesses 101: How to Choose Your OTHER Seat Belt

Editor’s Note: June is OnAllCylinders safety month and will feature stories and tips on a variety of safety equipment. All legitimately sanctioned racing requires participating drivers to buckle up. In race […]