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Carb Quickies: 4 Quick Checks to Determine if Your Carburetor is Working Properly

A cranky carburetor can lead to a number of problems—excessive fuel consumption, rough idle, hard starting, and more. We covered some of these issues in our Carb Detective and Carb Checklist […]

Hand Drill Cutting Down Valve Seat
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How to Retrofit GM LS Valve Springs on LT1 Cylinder Heads

Since the GM LS is such a popular engine series, LS-compatible parts are common and easy to find. Which means, if you’re using 1992-97 LT1-style heads on your engine, you […]

Auto Meter Tach Install Diagrams
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How to Install a Tachometer

With some exceptions, namely older diesels and Corvettes, most tachometers use electrical pulses from the ignition system to indicate an engine’s rpm. Though this method delivers an accurate reading, installing […]

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Video: How to Make Perfect Louvers with Mittler Bros. Louver Punch

Louvers are a quintessential hot rod thing. Not only do they look old school cool, they also serve a purpose. They were originally applied to vehicles to help let hot […]

Chemical Guys flowchart for auto detailing
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Auto Detailing 101: Chemical Guys Flowchart for Proper Car Detailing (with Video)

Ever wonder whether you should apply wax or sealant first? Or whether using a spray wax provides any type of benefit after applying a Carnauba wax? The Chemical Guys have […]

how to spray paint a car
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Spray Painting 101: How to Improve Your Spray-Painting Technique

“Painting is not magic,” said paint and body expert Kevin Tetz. “It’s not voodoo. It’s not a gift. It’s an acquired skill.” In the video below, you’ll find Tetz, creator of […]

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How to Set Up Dual Carburetor Linkage (with Images)

We’ve built and tuned so many supercharged engines over the years, we’ve lost count. And every time we build a Roots-blown engine, the thing we least look forward to is […]

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Slow Your Roll: Upgrading Your Jeep Brake System for Better Stopping Power

You’ve increased your Jeep’s tire size for improved ground clearance, and then you lowered its gear ratio to take advantage of the taller tires. But now, with the taller tires […]

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How to Use Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder

Having the right tool for any job often results in a successful completion of the task, and it can often save time as well, which can translate into more free […]

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Quick Tech: How to Break In Stamped Steel Rocker Arms

Stamped steel rocker arms are common on budget crate engines, and many race classes require the use of stamped steel rockers. Because they do not feature a roller bearing pivot, […]