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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Should I Start My Vehicle’s Engine Periodically During Winter Storage?

Now that the cold weather is here, I’ve always been told that starting the engine in my stored car, truck, or SUV periodically, like once a month, and letting it […]

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How to Check the Calibration of a Clicker-Style Torque Wrench

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that torque wrenches are calibrated and that calibration should be checked, at least occasionally. According to some experts, torque wrench […]

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Getting to Know Ford’s Beasty 351C

Ford’s powerful 335 Series family of middle block V8s displacing 351 and 400ci was a brief chapter in Ford North American history. We still don’t really know where the 335 […]

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Angle of the Dangle: How to Use Torque Angle Gauges & Adapters

It should come as no surprise that Torque Angle is the measurement of choice for some engine components (the main example being connecting rods). When tightening fasteners by way of […]

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Long Rod Chevy 307 = Big Power

Chevrolet’s 307ci small block has long been viewed as a mild-mannered grocery getter. You’ve seen hundreds of thousands of them in Chevelles, Novas, Camaros, and untold other mainstream Chevys. We […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Investigating Irregular Block Wear Behind the Cam Gear on a SBC

I have a really nice, four-bolt main small block Chevy 350 that I’m about to build into a street 383 with a stroker crank with forged pistons and good rods. […]

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The Little Stuff Matters: 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips

There are a lot of ways to build an engine. Some are quick and dirty, get the job done affairs. Others are over-the-top meticulous, leave no rock unturned such as […]

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422 Cubes of Small Block Thunder Part 3: Ignition, Accessories & Dyno Results

We’ve arrived at the final installment of our 422 cubic inch small block Chevy build. You know what that means—dyno results! You can cheat and scroll down to find out […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Troubleshooting a Noisy Starter Motor in a Chevy Big Block

I have a big block Chevy in my 1965 Bel Air and it runs great but has a very noisy starter motor. I am using a late model, permanent magnet […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Can I Run Solid Roller Lifters on a Hydraulic Roller Cam?

I have a small-block 350 street/strip engine that I continue to play around with. In my last session at the track, it seems like the engine doesn’t pull as hard […]