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Wayne Scraba is a diehard car guy and regular contributor to OnAllCylinders. He’s owned his own speed shop, built race cars, street rods, and custom motorcycles, and restored muscle cars. He’s authored five how-to books and written over 4,500 tech articles that have appeared in sixty different high performance automotive, motorcycle and aviation magazines worldwide.

Brakes & Suspension / Tech Articles

Suspended Animation: What Are Split Mono Leaf Springs & How Can They Help?

If you look closely at leaf spring NHRA Stockers or other stock suspension small tire cars, most have one thing in common: The suspension consists of some sort of traction […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech / Tech Articles

Pity the Pushrod: Why You Should Pay Attention to Pushrods

Pity the poor pushrod. The loads it must encounter are sizable. How sizable? Consider one of the writer’s engines—a simple 565 cubic inch, pump gas big block Chevy. It’s equipped […]

Ignition & Electrical / Tech / Tech Articles

Beating the Dead Battery Blues: How to Choose the Best Jumper Cables (Or Just Make Your Own)

A set of jumper or booster cables is something few of us ever think about. Unless of course, you discover a dead or weak battery and you need a boost. […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

12 Performance Tech Tips

Recently, we ran a story on 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips. And before that, we put together a list of 12 Things to Make Your Vehicle Easier to Work On. […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

How to Check the Calibration of a Clicker-Style Torque Wrench

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that torque wrenches are calibrated and that calibration should be checked, at least occasionally. According to some experts, torque wrench […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

Angle of the Dangle: How to Use Torque Angle Gauges & Adapters

It should come as no surprise that Torque Angle is the measurement of choice for some engine components (the main example being connecting rods). When tightening fasteners by way of […]

Ignition & Electrical / Tech Projects

Charge! How to Build a Remote Battery Charger Terminal Bracket

A few years ago, I had a drag car that needed a place to mount a set of battery charger terminals (lugs). Because of where I wanted to mount the […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

The Little Stuff Matters: 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips

There are a lot of ways to build an engine. Some are quick and dirty, get the job done affairs. Others are over-the-top meticulous, leave no rock unturned such as […]

Exterior / Tech Articles

Spare Hands: Working with Cleco Fasteners

Right up front, the question is: What the heck is a Cleco? Clecos are reusable fasteners engineered to securely clamp panels and sheetmetal together before they are permanently assembled. They’re […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

What is a Leakdown Tester? And How Do You Use It?

If you build engines or if you campaign a race car (or any street-strip car for that matter), a leakdown tester is pretty much a go-to tool. Why Do a […]