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Wayne Scraba is a diehard car guy and regular contributor to OnAllCylinders. He’s owned his own speed shop, built race cars, street rods, and custom motorcycles, and restored muscle cars. He’s authored five how-to books and written over 4,500 tech articles that have appeared in sixty different high performance automotive, motorcycle and aviation magazines worldwide.

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Nut Case (Part 1): A Guide to Choosing Fasteners for Your Hot Rod

There’s something troubling about seeing automotive nuts, bolts, and other fasteners that have been chosen simply because they look good. After all, the nuts and bolts used to stick parts […]

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Banging Gears: 24 Tried & True Clutch Tips

Banging gears with a manual transmission is fun—if your clutch is up to the abuse, that is. When it’s time to replace or upgrade your clutch, these two dozen tried […]

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One Good Turn: How to Convert to Manual Steering

In these days of cars with power everything, the idea of converting a car to manual steering might seem quaint. But there are instances where manual steering is better than […]

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Spark Rehab: How to Upgrade a Vintage Points Distributor

By the 1970s, racers knew big roller-cammed motors ran a whole bunch better when converted from a points distributor to an electronic one. Those long duration roller motors idled better […]

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Tool Guide: The 12 Tools Every Engine Builder Should Own

To build engines, you have to have tools. To build an engine properly, you need the proper tools. If you’re new to the high performance game and are building your […]

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Drag Radials 101: What You Need to Know About Drag Radials

Back in the early 1960s, the best tire you could get for a street/strip car was the Atlas Bucron. The Bucron was basically a retread bias-ply tire with a stickier […]

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Harmonics 101: Understanding Harmonic Dampers

Some call it a harmonic balancer. Others refer to it as a harmonic damper. Whatever you call it, that big chunk of metal hanging off the crankshaft snout of your engine is essential to […]

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Detroit Locker: History, Anatomy & FAQs About the Toughest Differential in Town

Back in the day, if you needed the toughest, most-capable differential on the street, you ran a Detroit Locker.  When you want the same kind of differential today, the choice […]

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Rack and Pinion Revisited: A Basic Guide to Rack and Pinion Steering Systems

When it comes to steering systems, rack and pinion systems are light years ahead of the recirculating ball steering boxes found in our favorite 1960s and ‘70s muscle cars and […]

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How to Match Air Filter Size to Your Engine

Back in the day, if you wandered over to the NHRA Pro Stock Truck pits between rounds you’d find something pretty interesting. Nine times out of ten, those race trucks […]