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Paul Sakalas has spent two decades in advertising and broadcasting. When he's not hurling wrenches at his ill-fated daily driver, he's working on an old Jeep CJ-5. An avid motorcyclist, Paul spends the rest of his free time synchronizing carburetors and cleaning grease off of his left pant leg.

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Retro Muscle: A Closer Look at the Nickel Plate #765 Steam Locomotive

Back to the Future Day is October 21, so we thought we’d channel our inner-Marty McFly and do a little time travel of our own. We dialed up the flux capacitor […]

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Yard Machine: Restoring a 1968 Cub Cadet with Help from Summit Racing

Muscle cars, monster trucks, and motorcycles get all the glory, but sometimes the coolest cruisers are hiding in plain sight. And by that, we mean in your garage, or storage […]

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Project Bloodhound SSC: A 1,000 MPH Land Speed Car with a Deeper Purpose

What does it take to reach 1,000 miles-per-hour…on land? A lot of math, science, and engineering—along with a team smart enough to put it all together. Bloodhound SSC is a […]

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Amish Engine Swap? Ye Got That Right!

Here at OnAllCylinders, we rarely come across engine swaps that surprise us. In fact, we’ve seen high-power V8s dropped into everything from a Ford T-bucket to a Mazda Miata. Then […]