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Harley-Davidson’s Got a New, Smaller 975cc Version of its Revolution Max V-Twin Engine That’s Making 90 HP

These are interesting times over at The Motor Company. And it looks like they’re about to get interesting-er. On the heels of a few other fresh designs, Harley-Davidson’s newest model […]

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Video: Understanding Why Bolts and Nuts Work Themselves Loose (And How to Prevent It)

A little while ago, we ran a story on fastener thread repair, which got us thinking about the role of the humble threaded fastener. Want to really get into the […]

Ignition & Electrical / Q&A

Mailbag: Why Does My New Vehicle’s Alternator Output Voltage Keep Fluctuating?

Q. I recently installed an aftermarket USB port with a digital voltage display in my newer Ford truck. I noticed my battery voltage varies significantly, between 12.9 and 14.1 volts, […]


Photo Gallery: Summit Racing Freedom 500 and Cleetus and Cars

The Summit Racing Freedom 500 brings together 20-plus YouTubers and social media influencers in a race of Crown Vics at Cleetus McFarland’s Freedom Factory venue. In the third go-around (pun […]

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Parts Bin: Summit Racing’s Performance Turbochargers are a Smart Path to Big Horsepower

It’s no secret that turbocharging a motor can produce massive horsepower gains. But as you might’ve guessed, adding a turbocharger system is a lot more nuanced than just slapping on […]

News & Car Culture

Ford’s Got Some New GT Heritage Editions That Pay Tribute to the GT40’s History & 1966 Le Mans Success

While we’ve talked about the GT Heritage Editions before, Ford’s released a pair of new ones that give us plenty of reason to talk about them again. That’s because these […]

News & Car Culture

Jeep Pulls the Wraps Off its 2022 Easter Jeep Safari Concept Vehicles

It’s circled on pretty much every off-roader’s calendar: the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah—the annual event that brings us the reveal of Jeep’s newest concept vehicles. In the past, […]

Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

2022 Muscle Car Match-Ups Tournament of Champions Winner Revealed!

Just like Highlander, Coca-Cola, and Christine, there can be only one. Muscle Car Match-Ups winner, that is. And for the OnAllCylinders 10th Anniversary Tournament of Champions, that “one” is the… […]

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Video: Understanding Electrical Relays (& How to Install Them)

We talk about relays a lot around here. And that’s simply because they’re really, really handy in situations where you need to control the flow of power to your electrical […]

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Photo Gallery: 2022 Summit Racing Equipment IX Piston Powered Autorama Bonus Reel

Cleveland, Ohio – OK, so we posted an earlier Piston Powered Autorama Friday Photo Gallery—but you didn’t think we’d turn our cameras off after that, did you? Here’s another batch […]